We are growers at heart

Nile Land Company believes in getting things done from start to finish. We truly believe that when your passion is growing the produce, the rest simply comes naturally.

Nile Land Company is largest grower and exporter of herbs, spices, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and olives and is a leading global supplier of the world renowned lot of brands

Nile Land Company is trusted by many of Asia’s best retail chains.

In our dynamic world, Nile Land Company takes pride in its ability to adapt itself to the frequent global changes as well as the unique demands of each and every client. Our deep integration in every step of the produce’s journey from beginning till your port allows us to make any change required at any step of the way. Our main market is in Asia , Japan , south Korea , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , Bangladesh , Dubai , Iran ETC , Europe Poland , Holland ,France , England , Germany , ETC , and Canada

And for Asia make sure that we are always ahead of the global market trends and offer local marketing and distribution solutions in the various local regions Over the years, Nile Land company  has pioneered the development of a quality assurance system in which every step of the production process-from planting through to end consumer- is monitored and documented.

The meticulous system enables of Nile Land Company to record the condition and how the products life in the containers after loading till deliver it to the customers our concept of quality comprises of: stringent quality assurance measures, social awareness and continuous improvement through res


Nile Land farms are established in 1950, All our plants are planted in our own farms, located in the most suitable areas to plant all of these agricultural products in the PFA (pest free Area).

We also owns and uses complete machinery lines for land preparation, planting and harvesting our plants. We use in our farms the recent techniques and machines in agriculture field.

It is a priority for the company to monitor all the farming activities in order to ensure that we have always able to achieve the highest level of productivity and safety for our customers.

Our farms are located in El- Fayoum , Beni Suief and  El- Mennia.